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Custom Injection Molded ABS Plastic Armrest for Riding Mowers

Custom Injection Molded ABS Plastic Armrest for Riding Mowers
Custom Injection Molded ABS Plastic Armrest for Riding Mowers

Making extensive use of our plastic injection molding capabilities, Northern Precision Plastics produced this plastic arm rest used on riding lawnmowers. Working from an ABS base material, our precision molding process kept tolerances of ±.003", and we ensured that the finished units each had less than .003" of flash. In addition to molding a piece with a complex shape and several gap features, the customer also required that the piece be free of burrs, pits, and sharp edges. In short, the arm rest needed to be ready for installation upon arrival at the client's facility.

The finished part measured 24.335" long by 10.77" wide, with a height of 5.662". For the finish we had the emblems pad printed white resulting in a very durable part for outdoor use. Our customer was pleased that we had exceeded expectations and accepted delivery of the completed order with full confidence.

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Project details for this custom plastic injection molded component

Product Description
This ABS plastic arm rest is used within a riding lawn mower application.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
They are 5 axis CNC routers to route holes that would have been very tooling expensive if we had them done in injection molding tool pad printing.
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Kawaguchi 360 ton injection molding machine, DMS 5-axis router with Fagor controller, Pad printing equipment.
Overall Part Dimensions
Wall Thickness: .118"
Length: 24.335"
Width: 10.77"
Height: 5.662"
Volume: 42in3
Tightest Tolerances
Flatness of .005"
.003" Max. Acceptable Flash
Material Used
Polycarbonate/ABS Blend
Pantone Black
Must Be Free of
  • Burrs
  • Pits
  • Flash
  • Sharp Edges
Estimated Part Weight
1.7 pounds or 27.2 ounces
Industry for Use
Lawn & Garden
Delivery Location
Charlotte, North Carolina
Standards Met
Customer supplied print, 3D CAD Drawing
Product Name
ABS Upper Armrest

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