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Take Over Tooling

Take Over Tooling

December 21, 2020

What is take over tooling?

Take over tooling is the process of moving injection molded tooling from one manufacturer to another.  The term take over tooling comes from the fact a new manufacturer takes over the tooling and runs new parts.

This can happen domestically in the US or a tool can be moved from an overseas manufacturer to the US manufacturer.

At Northern Precision Plastics we are routinely asked and successfully take over tooling.

Why would I need to move tooling?

The need to move tooling can occur for various reasons.

  • Manufacturer changes in priorities
  • Manufacturer going out of business
  • More recently global pandemic COVID
  • Onshoring, the desire to have supply changes closers to the end user.

Onshoring can yield shorter lead times, reduces inventory management costs and allow a quick response to changing market conditions.

How does the process work?

The process of taking over tooling is simple.

  • Customer contacts us and indicates a desire to explore having Northern Precision Plastics take over a too.  We discuss the situation to make sure we can help.
  • We like to have the last parts run from the mold, 3D drawings of the part with material specification, annual quantities required and a target budget.  We can work with less, but this the above is the ideal.
  • Northern Precision Plastics will provide a rough quote based on the information provided.  We do find there may be some additional charge to make the tooling work.  Once you approve the rough estimate, we discuss receiving the tool.
  • We can typically be molding parts in 2-3 weeks.  We send you the parts from the mold, and upon approval we start running parts.

Why Northern Precision Plastics For Your Tooling Take Over?

Northern Precision Plastics has extensive expertise with our mold maker Jerry on staff.  He has over 30 years of expertise making and fixing molds.  We have a successful history of taking over tools and reliably producing parts.

Northern Precision Plastics is

  • Strategically located in Belvidere, IL.  Located 50 miles northwest of Chicago, close enough to utilize the resources of a large urban area, but far enough away to run an efficient, nimble operation.
  • 60,000 sq/ft of manufacturing, assembly and warehousing and the ability to offer vacuum forming and digital printing Northern Precision Plastics is an uniquely qualified supplier well positioned to support your needs.

Contact us to at 815-544-8099 or

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